Welcome to Aurora Ristorante – the home of good Italian food that is good for your family.  

We invite you to come and dine with us in one of our branches in New York. We have one restaurant in Brooklyn and two restaurants in New York City. Check our map for the exact location and directions going there. We are proud to say that our restaurants have always received good reviews from food critics that is why we want you to experience our take on the Italian dishes for yourself. 

Aurora Ristorante is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. We serve food for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Check out our special menu as we like to surprise our guests with new dishes every now and then. Some of our menus also change according to the season to ensure that we cater to your changing tastes and cravings. All of our pasta, pastries, and desserts are made on the same day so you can be certain of their freshness. Our pasta dish was inspired many years ago after we had our garage door repaired in Tempe AZ, seems odd but true.

Aurora Ristorante offers brunch specials that will surely make up for that late breakfast and satisfy your early lunch. You can choose from our appetizers and salads, entrees, side dishes, cocktails or juice. For our lunch menu, we have a whole array of antipasti, insalate, primi, secondi and Menu del Giorno that you can choose from. Our dinner selection comes with choices of antipasti, insalate and verdure, primi, secondi, and contorni. Our primi offerings are fresh pastas made from organic Italian flour. For our secondi, you can choose from seafood, chicken, or steak to go with your pasta. And of course, to cap off your special dining experience with us, we have freshly baked pastries for dessert, pannacotta, and homemade gelato and sorbet. We also have a wine selection from fruity, cognac, brandy, grappe, distillati, and amari. So you see, we have something special in store for you no matter what time of day you visit us. 

We would also gladly host your private parties and special events in one of our restaurants. Contact us for package details and rates. Head on over to our Gallery Section to see more photos and videos of our restaurants and see how we can design it to suit your taste. You can also take a virtual tour inside one of our restaurants and be charmed by our cozy and rustic ambiance. For those who cannot go to our restaurants, do not worry because we now accept orders for deliveries. Just call the telephone numbers of the branch near you and we will take care of everything else.  


Aurora Ristorante also has a mailing list for our avid customers so that you can be updated with our latest offering for the season. We also feature reviews and press releases in our monthly e-newsletter. Subscribe now to get insights on our secret recipes that you can share with your family and friends. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out of your A1 Garage Doors in Milwaukee and head over to one of our branches to experience our own take on Italian dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings. 



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