Aurora Ristorante is honored to be a part of the Feed A Child Program, a worldwide effort to feed the hungry children affected by poverty and disasters in their country. 10% of every dollar that you spend in our restaurants goes to our funds for this advocacy. We also encourage our customers to join us in this endeavor by donating money to the Feed A Child Program so that they can serve more children who are in need all over the world. 

Last year, the Aurora Ristorante Team was able to join a congregation of nuns who went on a mission in a disaster-stricken place in Southeast Asia. A super typhoon devastated towns and villages and many of them lost not just their belongings but also their loved ones. In situations like this, children are among the most vulnerable. They are displaced, lost the security of their homes and schools, and are not fed properly. That is why the team chose a small village and planned a feeding and nutrition program for the affected children. While other nongovernment organizations and government agencies were giving relief goods to the survivors, our team took time to be present among the children in the community, listening to their stories and at the same time assessing the situation and identifying what they really needed.   The Aurora Ristorante Team started with feeding programs for the children.  This was an apt strategy to meet the parents and youth of the community.  The feeding programs were held in different communities. Since it was also Christmas season, the team was fortunate to work with volunteer groups and individuals who helped in gift-giving and held Christmas parties for the children in different villages. Amidst heavy rains on Christmas Eve, the team had a meaningful Christmas with the children. We served spaghetti and gave out toys for more than 1,000 children. It was a simple celebration yet filled with joy. This strengthens our resolve to continue this advocacy for as long as we can. 

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