Aurora Sojo 
When you are in New York and you find yourself craving for some Italian dishes with a twist, head over to the Aurora restaurant near you. They have 3 branches in NY. The restaurants have received a lot of great reviews from food critics, foodies, and travelers alike. People are raving about the restaurants being family friendly and offering superb service for a dining experience that they would never forget. From what I heard also, the food is amazing and the prices are reasonable. With all these praises from their customers, I was very excited to take my family here for my birthday celebration. 
And they did not disappoint. The ambiance of Aurora Sojo was cozy, rustic, and comfortable. It gives you a homey and relaxed vibe. The service of the staff was excellent. I made a reservation prior to our celebration and when we got to the restaurant, they received us warmly. There was a table prepared for us. The staff made some really good recommendations from the menu. Everything we ordered was hearty and delicious. I ordered their Menu del Giorno or set menu that comes at a fixed price. Even though it was a set menu, you still had choices to choose from for your pasta and dessert. And for $25, it was definitely a steal price considering the quality of the food. You could tell that they used fresh ingredients from the look and taste of the dishes. The food presentation was okay. When possible, they play with color, height, and different textures to enhance your dining experience. Their classic Italian dishes are definitely recommended. Their wine selection was really good and you would be sure to find a drink that suits your taste. I would surely go back and would definitely recommend this restaurant to my family and friends. 

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